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real,- SB Warenhaus Bremen-Habenhausen 1

Real, Bremen

Map Name City/Town
real,- SB Warenhaus Bremen-Habenhausen 1Bremen


real,- SB Warenhaus Bremen-Habenhausen 1
Steinsetzer Straße 15
28279 Bremen

Store hours

Open hours / opening times / store hrs / business hours / operation hours are meant for regular business days and not for holidays. Please notice that the opening hours might be outdated.

Mo.- Sa.: 8.00- 22.00



Tel: (04 21) 83 85 66-8
Fax: (04 21) 83 18 88

Brands, Products, Services

Supermarkt, Lebensmittel, Fisch, Einzelhandel, Haushaltsprodukte, Warenhaus, Metro, Real, Real Sb-warenhaus, Metro Group, Real Deutschland, Real Germany, Bäckerei, Beauty & More, Grillpfanne, Baby, Kids & Co., Sportwelt, Best Of Books

Description & Miscellaneous Information

Dieser Standort führt folgende Fachabteilungen:
Baby, Kids & Co., Bäckerei, Beauty & More, Best of Books, Fisch, Grillpfanne, Sportwelt

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