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Migros Buchs SG - MParc

Migros, Buchs SG

Map Name City/Town
Migros Buchs SG - MParcBuchs SG


Migros Buchs SG - MParc
Churerstrasse 5
9470 Buchs SG

Store hours

Open hours / opening times / store hrs / business hours / operation hours are meant for regular business days and not for holidays. Please notice that the opening hours might be outdated.



Tel 081 755 84 11
Fax 081 755 84 12

Brands, Products, Services

Retail Store, Supermarket, Supermarkt, Migros, Migros Schweiz, Migros Suisse, Migros Swizerland, Blumen, Pflanzen In Bedienung, Do It + Garden, Migros Do-it, Migros Garden, Öv In Der Nähe, Bus, Sport, Sportxx, Buchs Sg, Blumen Keusch Rtb (122m), Ew (122m), Kath. Kirche Rtb (163m), Rathaus (209m), Kantonalbank Rtb (218m)

Description & Miscellaneous Information

Blumen / Pflanzen in Bedienung
Do It + Garden
Sport / SportXX

ÖV in der Nähe
Bus: Buchs SG, Blumen Keusch RTB (122m)
Bus: Buchs SG, EW (122m)
Bus: Buchs SG, kath. Kirche RTB (163m)
Bus: Buchs SG, Rathaus (209m)
Bus: Buchs SG, Kantonalbank RTB (218m)

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